Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kickoff to 2018 Spring Season, Results of H&R Point Series

Hello All! Sorry for delays in updating, though with the schedules there is no longer a need for weekly updates. The 2018 Spring schedule has been posted, and can be viewed HERE.

1/24 INDY CARS built by Robert Taylor, which inspired us!
This spring we will be racing the following:

  • 1/32 Classes
    • Daytona Prototype
    • Vintage GT (Pre 1966)
    • 1970s Formula 1
    • Modern NASCAR
    • Vintage NASCAR
    • Fairground Bombers
  • 1/24 Classes
    • 80's INDY CAR
    • IMSA
    • Vintage LeMans (1960-1972)
The 1/32 class rules can be found HERE
The 1/24 class rules can be found HERE
3rd - Sam Jr.   1st - Dean   2nd - Scott

This past week was the 6th and final race of Tom 2's 1/24 H&R Point Series. The race point system was based off of the original Trans-Am points. As we raced both Vintage Trans-Am and Modern- T/A 3, it was very fitting. The full rundown can be found by following the link HERE. The top 3 overall were also the top 3 finishers in all 3 classes, with a total of 5 racers completing all 18 races of the series.

We are back to scheduled racing this week, with Daytona Prototype, Vintage GT, and 70s F1 at Kozo Raceway Park. We hope to see you at the track!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

H&R Point Series

After a short delay, I have been able to finally update the H&R points series. This includes Weeks 2 & 3. The individual classes seem to have favorites, but the overall is still kinda close.

Also, a reminder. Racing on November 16th will be relocated from KRP to S&S Speedway as Scott will be out of town. We will still race the LMP, Group C, and GT classes.

I Hope to see you all at the track!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

S&S Speedway Week 4 Recap

This being the second time around for the LMP, Group C, and GT classes we were able to show some overall improvement. In total we had seven racers this evening competing in five groups throughout the night.

Sam Jr. would take his NSR Audi R18 to Winner's Circle for the overall win, edging out Scott 81 to 80 laps. Dean's Ninco Acura completed 79 laps, the highest of B group, in route to 3rd place overall. The fastest lap record would be reset by Clem and his Spirit Cougar with 7.265 seconds in Blue lane.

The Group C class would only see A group competition this race. Sam Jr. would again complete 81 laps for the overall victory and new race record, and set the fastest lap record at 7.512 in the blue lane. Dean finished 2nd at 78 laps, meanwhile Scott's Pipslot Chassis Porsche 962 crossed the line in 3rd with 73 laps over Bill W and Mark respectively.

The GT race had some heavy hitters entered in A group with both Sam Jr. and Scott running NSR Moslers in the "Asshole" paint scheme. Sam was able to snag the win at 79 laps over Scott and Dean who both completed 77 laps. Sam again set the new race record, but Scott would set the fastest lap record with a 7.299 in Blue lane. S group racing would be close this evening with Bill W's Scalextric Jaugar making 75 trips around S&S Speedway, and Mark with his Scalextric Aston Martin only making it around 74 times.

We have a regional race this coming Saturday at Kozo Raceway Park with the Penn/Jersey 1/32 series. The track will open at 10:00 am and racing will start by 12:30 pm. More information about the rules can be found at the following link.
Penn/Jersey 1/32 race series

Monday, October 2, 2017

Race Recaps

First, I Apologize to everyone for not updating weekly. Here is the recap from the past 3 weeks.

September 14th marked the start to our new season of racing, including the new classes and race procedures. We had 13 racers for the opening night, and we raced the LMP, Group C, and GT classes. There was a nice mix of entries in the A (Podded Chassis), B (Flat Chassis), and S (Stock) Sub-groups in all three races. With this new style of racing, all track records per class were set tonight.

In LMP, Sam Sr. finished 1st overall in his ProSlot Toyota GT1, setting the class record at S&S Speedway of 78 laps. Dean would win the B group, and set the track lap time record of 7.582 in his Ninco Acura. Sean would take the top spot in the S group.

The Group C race would only have entries in the A and B groups. Sam Jr., in his Slot.it, mirrored his father's run setting the class record at 78 laps, winning overall. Bill W. finished 4th overall with his SRC Lola T-600, but was 1st in class of the B group. Scott set the record lap time at 7.676 in his Nationals prepared SRC Lola.

The best mix of cars would be saved for the last race of the night in the GT Class. We had 5 A cars, 5 B cars, and 3 S cars, with everything from NSR to Stock Scalextric, and even a Fly C5r Corvette. Dean completed 77 laps in his overall win. Tony J would take home the class win in B group, and the S group was claimed by Sean. Sam Sr. set the race fastest lap at 7.659.

Week 2 was on September 21st at Kozo Raceway Park. On the card for the evening was Group 5, Trans-Am, and Can Am. Only 6 racers made it to the track, so the racing was quick.

The B group would show some strength in the Group 5 race, with the overall win (58 Laps) and fastest lap (8.506) going to Scott driving a Fly Lancia Beta, and an honorable mention to Sam Sr. for also achieving the 8.506 lap time with his Fly Racing Capri. Bill W drove his Racer Sideways Lancia Beta to the top spot in the A group.

In Trans-Am Scott was able to place his Scalextric Nationals '69 Camaro (B Group) in 1st overall with 54 laps. Joe B had his Sunoco Camaro set up well, finishing 2nd overall and 1st in S group. Clem was the only racer to have an aftermarket chassis prepared, but some mechanical trouble would take his A group entry out of the race early. Sam Sr. set the fast lap with his Pioneer Mustang at 8.729

The Slot.it presence was known in the A group of the Can Am race with all three racers in either full slot.it cars or a slot.it chassis. Bill W and Mark battled it out in their Carrera Porsches with Mark taking the S group class win. Sam Sr. drove his Monogram to the top spot in B group while Scott finished 1st overall in his A group Slot.it McLaren M8D completing 60 laps, and setting the fast time at 7.989.

Out third race week was the first week of Tom's Point Series for the 1/24 H&R classes. This season we are racing Vintage Trans-Am, Modern Trans-Am, and Can Am. The racing was close all night, and the positions on track were sometimes separated by inches for the finish.

Vintage Trans-Am had Dean out front in his Camaro, but Scott's Challenger and Sam Jr.'s Camaro would fall a lap behind at 60, 59, and 59 respectively for the top 3. Mark also completed 59 laps, but was not able to make up the distance. There were three other 2-way ties between Sam Sr. and Tom 2, Bob L. and Bill W., and Clem and Billy Z. Dean set fast race lap at 8.533, but the record still belongs to Scott at 8.266 set on 6/25/16.

The highly anticipated Modern Trans-Am class proved to be a success even though most racers only completed their cars days earlier. Dean would once again top everyone with his C5r Corvette at 59 laps, but the Mopar power of Scott and Sean's Challengers would fill out the podium both with 57 laps. Dean set the class record fast lap at 8.120.

The Can Am class finally made its debut after over a year of discussion. Once again, the clear coat on most cars was still gassing out at the drop of the green. Scott was able to take the Mac's Special Lola T-70 to victory lane edging out Dean's Lola on distance covered over 64 laps. Sean double dipped the Mac's Special taking 3rd place as well, with Mark triple dipping for 6th. Fastest lap record goes to Scott at 7.825.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Fall 2017 Season

The revised class rules and the Fall 2017 Schedule have been emailed out, and are also updated here on the blog.

Through your feedback, Sam Jr. and Scott have put in a YUGH effort to implement new ideas and simplify the classes.

This season, we will be back to racing 3 classes a night. It is imperative that everyone does their part to facilitate this change. We will not be able to have long down time, or multiple track calls. Racing will start at 7:15 each night, and will will place anyone that informs us they will be late at the end of the rotation.

I will be at S&S Speedway this week (9/7/17) to answer any questions or exlain any parts of the new formats.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Recap from KRP 3/23/17

The Slot.it Open Cockpit class would take to the track at Kozo Raceway Park for the first time this past Thursday. The Matra-Simcas of Dean and Sam Jr. would show as fast cars, though they would be unable to keep up with Scott's Chaparral. Bill W. would finish 4th in his Ferrari 312 PB just behind Sam Jr. Sam Sr. would complete the Barbose/Watkins sandwich with another Ferrari 312 PB. Tony returned to weekly racing in the Vic Elford McLaren and Mike T would bring up the rear with his Alpha 33/3. This class has been raced multiple times at S&S Speedway and, as it did at KRP, the racing was close. This race was only separated by 6 laps, with only 3 laps 1st through 6th. Dave K's Chaparral was not pictured.
The '65-'72 LeMans class has been a staple of or club racing since the days of racing in Clem's basement. There was something different this time at KRP though. This was the first time the fuel feature was used for the class. Both race records and lap records would remain safe this time. The major manufacturers of Ford, Ferrari, Lola, and Porsche were represented.
Racing next week shifts over to the oval at No-Way... Speedway with the Modern NASCAR and Monogram NASCAR classes. Be sure the check the rules for each class to be sure you comply.

Email Bill W if you need his address.

Monday, March 13, 2017

 Hello All. Just a reminder, the race classes from the postponed race night at S&S Speedway will run this week instead of the originally scheduled classes, the schedule has been updated. We will be racing the Trans-Am Mod (18k, wheels, and gears) and the DTM 18k. It was decided these classes would be better to run as there are more cars prepared.

Here are a few pics from the last two race nights. I apologize that I have been unable to update the blog.

See you at the track!